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Hill was a star in her own right, scheduled to go on tour with Michael Jackson shortly before his 2009 death and appearing on season four of in June, Hill recalled the moment the music legend lost consciousness while on a flight from Atlanta to his Paisley Park estate outside Minneapolis.

The two were eating dinner and chatting about his performance that night when “his eyes fixed” and he nodded off.

Prince’s Paisley Park home was opened to the public in Deceember as a musuem, after the city council in Chanhassen, Minnesota, granted a temporary permit.

Many of Prince’s custom-made outfits – about 6,000 pieces of clothing and 1,000 pairs of shoes – were on display, while visitors were also allowed to take a look at his gold records and awards while the NPG Music Club is where Prince entertained friends and performed intimate gigs for small groups.

Friend and longtime aide Kirk Johnson was also aboard the plane.

Prince died on Thursday 21 April 2016 after an overdose of the powerful painkiller fentanyl, which is usually prescribed to patients who have built up a resistance to other painkillers, and the newly released warrants, executed in the days after Prince’s death last year, reveal that his home was also full of pamphlets on opioid addiction, as well as a pamphlet on how to be weaned off of drugs.

"We didn't have anything on the plane to help him." The plane made an emergency landing in Moline, IL, where they were met by an ambulance.

Prince was given a shot of Narcan while on the tarmac, a treatment often used for opioid overdoses.

In an interview with the New York Times, singer-songwriter Judith Hill has opened up about her “very intense” relationship with Prince.

Among the subjects Hill discussed is the fact that she was with Prince, the week before his death, on the flight that made an emergency stop in Illinois after Prince became unresponsive.

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