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Someone looking for love – or at least the chance to get up close to people's private bits – has a good nose at the contenders while Richardson says things like “Which mini do you want to go and have a look at? Naked Attraction continues next Thursday at 10pm on Channel 4.

There's Something About Miriam is a reality television show filmed in 2003, created by British TV producer Remy Blumenfeld and Gavin Hay and originally aired in the United Kingdom on Sky1 in February 2004. Following the completion of the show, it was scheduled to air in November 2003, but the lawsuit by the contestants delayed the airing.

Found this on Netflix 4 years after it's airdate.

I actually really enjoyed it and have to say, A Trans American Love Story is very relevant to our culture and necessary to have to continue breaking down stereotypes...

It was all down to the diverse representation of people in the opening episode, with pansexual Izzy choosing a date from a line-up of people that included a transgender man and woman.

Host Anna Richardson tweeted that it was a "genuinely proud moment" for her, while viewers were equally as thrilled to see such a variety of bodies on a mainstream TV show: For those who have so far managed to live their lives without seeing an episode of the show, the premise sees singletons stripped to their birthday suits and made to stand in a pod.

Over inflated lips, exaggerated surgical feminization of the face/body, hyper-sexualization ond encouraged objectification of her body (The outfits she wears, everything from a harem bikini to full on corset and stockings with her bottom hanging out as she performs cabaret!

There are (6) transgender community related shows on the air right now, and I suspect there will be more, as long as there is a market for viewers and advertisers see the opportunity to make money on this topic.

is the first reality TV series about a group of friends in the transgender community.

Are we in the TG community attempting to force acceptance through highly scripted and well-staged reality shows that may or may not be representing the majority of the TG community?

Will having so many transgender topic shows educate or turn off the very people they are attempting to appeal to, because it is too much, too soon?

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