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See full summary » The classic game show with a twist; the answers are revealed, but it's up to the contestants to supply the questions.Three contestants, including a returning champion, competed. See full summary » One of the classic game shows created by Chuck Barris. The other half of each couple stays in the room, and answers questions about their mate/date. The host/hostess tailors some planned questions to the group and to certain couples.They’re supposed to answer each question the way they think their mate/date would respond.

It is useful to have a gentle reminder to stay "in communication".Now girls, come and she these wedding gowns; pick the one you most like and be a dream bride! Eric and Mai have just led to the altar to say "I do".This is certainly the happiest day of their lives and they couldn't be more excited to spend a life together.Have someone turn the music off at different intervals, and tell the 2 people dancing to select new partners.Continue to play the game and select new partners until everyone is dancing. " Then everyone repeats the following motion throughout the game...

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  1. Looking for something other than the usual “will attend” “will not attend? It’s another way to show off your personality and set the tone for your wedding day. ____Will be there, but I don’t do bells ____Will be there, still undecided about bells ____Won’t be there, heard about the bells ____Won’t be there, with or without bells Something outdoorsy ____Come rain or shine, we’ll be there!