Problems updating garmin nuvi 250 maps

Let's hope Strephon or someone posts the large JCV soon.

Until we hear otherwise, the current large JCV FAQ continues to state that the 2797 may not be able to use the Large JCV file.

Over the last few years this qualifying time frame seems to have changed and so you should refer to the official Garmin website on this link in order to check if you are able to download free Garmin Nuvi maps or not.

Their scheme is called the nu Maps Guarantee and is their way of guaranteeing that owners of their GPS devices always have the latest maps.

The Garmin Nuvi 205w navigator is a wide-screen GPS that consistently wins four out of five star ratings on websites such as Amazon.

Craig W, NO I WILL not try the large JCV on my 2797 anymore, but will on the 855, LOL. One thing I did notice is that the change Garmin made to Express on improving the time estimate did prevent it from jumping all over the place like it used to.

Do not be daunted by the concept of having to install new Garmin maps because the process is simple and everything you need to know is detailed below.

If you decide that the maps on your Nuvi 205w need updating then your first port of call should be the official Garmin website.

Craig W, NO I WILL not try the large JCV on my 2797 anymore, but will on the 855, LOL.

As a fellow 855 owner, I'd also switch to the large JCV file if I used the 855 much.

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Not all owners of Garmin Nuvi 205w GPS devices will be able to download free Garmin map updates.

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