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She was born in a place called Ascot, which lies in United Kingdom.She belongs to the ethnicity white and nationality American.Redheads appear to be a dying breed, with red-haired women coming it at number three and red-haired men rounding out the list at number seven.Less shockingly, grey-haired women fared the worst (since men often prefer to match with younger women online) and were 25% less likely to make a match.We took it one step further and looked at the breakdown state by state. We’re guessing that single men beat the Arizona heat by shaving their hair, which is why bald reigns supreme in that state (although we can’t entirely explain Vermont).Even though some hair colors were less popular on a national level, there were local communities that showed them a little extra love (We’re looking at you, Missouri). And who would have thought there were any blonde-haired men in Alaska?

Peep it below: Looks like we can kiss that whole “California surfer” stereotype goodbye. We applaud Los Angeles for showing bald men the most love, but we strongly suggest those Golden State dwellers invest in a lot of sunscreen (Ouch!

I have used this product for a long time and then ran into some financial issues to where I couldn't buy this product for a couple months just to save.

I noticed the difference in my hair when I stopped using this and when I started up again today I INSTANTLY noticed a difference.

For some reason, as soon as news broke of their romance broke, Naiyana's Twitter feed disappeared from the social networking site while her personal web page,, is now listed as being 'under construction'.

However, the make-up artist and her actor beau looked more than happy to be seen together at the star-studded bash and at one point Idris even had his arm around her.

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[Prime Style Extender] not only keeps my hair cleaner longer, but allows me to just do a quick style touch up after sleeping on my hair, and then I am off.

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